You were an absolute rock-star as an employee...

...but as a manager you're struggling.

You accepted a move into management, and now find your leadership skills lacking. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed. Frustrated. Overworked. Under-appreciated. Competitive, even against your own team — does that make any sense?

You are afraid to fail but unsure about how to succeed. You're doing what you've always done. But, repeating past behaviors just isn’t working. The results you are producing just aren’t cutting it.

So, what happened?

The same thing that has happened to countless businesses and employees around the globe. A promising employee is tapped for a management role based on their performance.

The problem is that the skills that make you a high-performing employee rarely translate to being a successful manager. They are simply too different. One doesn’t prepare us for the other.

Often, as new managers, we react to this problem by back-sliding into old behaviors. We pick up work from our team. We say things like, "It will be easier if I just do this myself."

This is an all too common but dangerous practice. One that often leads to burnout and failing teams that either don't produce positive results or churn through employees… or both!

There has to be a way to avoid this, right?

What we lack is perspective. We don’t know what we don't know. We then fall back on what we know. A return to our comfort zone.

You were successful as an employee. You’re committed to being successful as a manager. And, you know the key is knowledge. Knowledge that will help you navigate this new domain.

This book isn’t for everyone…

It will force you to evaluate your weaknesses. To think beyond yourself and your success — focusing on your ability to lead successful teams.

This book is meant to change your assumptions, break down limiting behaviors that are holding you back as a new manager, and prepare you for long term success.

About Us

Who Am I?

I have held positions with management or leadership responsibility for over 20 years. 

Today, I lead product strategy for a SaaS company. Some days I'm an architect, some days I'm a product manager, some days I work on product market fit and strategy. 

I wear a lot of hats, drawing on my experience where it can be put to best use, but every day I'm an effective and successful manager and leader.

Such was not always the case...

I have not always been a particularly good or effective manager over the course of my career.

You see, I fell into the same trap that most new managers experience. I was a great employee, and I believed that if I set a good example and worked along side my teams, I would be successful.

It simply didn't work. 

It took me years, decades even, to figure out what works and what doesn't -- and some not inconsequential key failures to get there. 

Knowing that I can help you avoid that experience, and become a successful and effective manager and leader, without spending decades making mistakes is exactly why I wrote my book.

Who Are You?

I have a theory about who you are...

I'm assuming that you are where I once was, and you're looking for a better way to move forward because what you are doing right now just isn't working. 

Put simply: you need help, guidance, a bit of direction. I get it, I've been there too.

You're in some form of a managerial role, and that means you have a team that reports directly to you, or you manage something specific like a project or product, or possibly a combination of the two. 

You are responsible for something bigger than yourself. People depend on you. You have an impact on the business, on customers, on employees — on people and their livelihood, their lives.

Faced with new challenges, new responsibilities, a new normalized level of stress-inducing expectations, how do we react?

We fall back on what works — and what worked for you in your previous role was doing a stellar job, as an individual contributor — and assisting those around you when you can, as much as you can. 

What's the problem? There are only so many hours in the day.

How to Work with Me

If you've read Stop Pulling the Ship! (or even if you haven't) and you are looking for a more hands-on approach to help you or your managers take their leadership development forward, you are in the right place.

Knowing where to start or what step to take next can be really difficult.

If you are feeling energized and excited about where you can take your team, or you know someone that could benefit from some extra guidance, but you just aren’t sure where to start — I can help.

I take a limited number of coaching clients and would be happy to help you solve your leadership challenges.

1:1 Coaching

Step 1

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Step 1

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Group Coaching

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My Testimonials


Matt has aggregated the leadership and management principles and lessons that are the subject of hundreds of various books and personal experience, and distilled them into key components that are specific and applicable to anyone who is transitioning from being the one that gets things done to leading the team that gets things done, and then presented them in a way that is easy-to-read, thought-provoking, and actionable.

Andrew Rigor

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Review for Stop Pulling the Ship!

If you are a new, or even relatively new manager striving to do better for your team and ultimately achieve success then this book is for you. It helps lay out the pitfalls for new managers, guides you through ideas, and walks you down the path towards improvement. Matt does a great job of relating the reasons why we struggle so we can see for ourselves what is going on, and does not just blindly give us the instructions.

Truly worth a read — maybe even multiple reads.

Chris Geier

Cloud Operations Director, Author

Review from a Coaching Client 

Having Matthew as a coach and mentor has greatly improved my career. I’ve been promoted 2 times as I’ve concentrated on expanding my workplace influence under Matthew’s guidance. He has helped to propel me into a position that I can foresee myself doing long term with many ways to continually improve and move vertically. 

I cannot recommend Matthew more as a coach and mentor.

Damian Tamayo

Senior Program Manager

Review from a Coaching Client 

As an entrepreneur I felt overwhelmed with the task of managing consultants. I did not have the skills to properly manage my team, which caused frustration for all involved, and I felt the ever-present micromanaging to be draining. After working with Matt, I now feel empowered with leadership skills, efficient processes, and a better attitude on how to improve my team. His expertise is amazing and he has taken me step-by-step through establishing simple systems. Now I am confident in leading my team and knowing how to trust and grow my business in a more positive and simple way. 

Thanks, Matt!

Holly Rustick

World Renowned Grant Writing Expert & Best-selling Author

Review for Stop Pulling the Ship!

Every leader needs a roadmap to help them navigate the intricacies of guiding, managing, and inspiring their team members. What hasn't been easily available until now is access to a roadmap from someone who has been there and done it successfully. 

Not only has Mr. Overlund been a tremendous leader to his teams, but he's also now written the go-to guide every leader needs to successfully lead those under their stewardship. 

This will quickly become the most recommended book among company leaders, I highly recommend you get yours right away!

Honoree Corder

Author & Strategic Book Coach